Revelate Designs Mountain Feed Bag – Bike Handlebar Coozie!

The Mountain Feed Bag by Revelate Designs may be one of the most versatile bags we carry.

Deemed the Handlebar Coozie by one of the most famous cyclist in Tucson, it will be your carryall bag for everything from a water bottle to a Glock 42. You need this bag for your daily commute or your next adventure trip!

[Video Transcription]

Hi, Brian with Campfire Cycling here today to talk about Revelate Designs Mountain Feed Bag. We carry a lot of great bags from Revelate, but this is one of my personal favorites. The reason is it is primarily designed for bike packers or people doing adventure cycling, but it is also really great for everyday commuters.

Basically what this bag does is it attaches on three points of your bicycle, the fork crown, the stem and the handlebars via velcro. Which hold the bag nice and tight. You can put in water bottles, bear spray, trail mix, peanut M&M’s, coffee mug or whatever else you may want. This bag fits nice and secure and has a draw string on top to cinch things tight and securely closed. Also on the inside you will notice its yellow, the nice thing about that is that is it keeps a nice contrast to whatever items you may have in the feed bag.

The Mountain Feed Bag is designed to fit on both sides of your handlebars by just removing the velcro that attaches to the stem and move it to the other side. It fits around all of the other Revelate bags nicely. Its a really nice product by Revelate Designs.

So real quickly I want to show you some items that our customers commonly use in their feed bags. Ballast Point Sculpin, great beer, nice IPA fits in there perfectly. Bear Spray and Motorists repellent also fits well in the Mountain Feed Bag. Baby wipes, you know you need them! A standard water bottle, a perfect fit and the cinch top keeps it in there nice and tight. Hydro Flask for your daily commute, keep your coffee in there and nice and warm. We even had one customer and we are not condoning this or taking a stance.. this is just a customer of ours, who kept a firearm also known as bear repellent. Pow Pow Pow Pow

The Mountain Feed Bag by Revelate Designs is great for bike touring, adventure cycling and great for your daily commute. Thats me, I am out!

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