Ortlieb's Ultimate Man Purse

This week I was inspired to talk about my beloved handlebar bag, the Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro-M. The thing I’m discovering about doing these videos, is doing them impromptu like this, I’m not sure what ridiculous things are going to come out of my mouth.

Video Transcription:

Hi I’m Josh Lipton with Campfire Cycling and I want to tell you today about my handlebar bag. I’m a big fan of handlebar bags. I like to use them for bike commuting and bike touring. They just make things alot easier by having everything all right here at your hands.

And this handlebar bag specifically, the Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro is the creme de la creme. First of all it is waterproof. Like all Ortlieb gear it is rugged and waterproof.

Up top here it has a compartment which is great for something like an iPhone. And I can get my bike routes here on my screen. I’ve had other devises in here like my garage door opener. Its been a good place to have that for quick easy access.

Let me show you a little bit inside the bag. Its got a handy pocket up front that I like to use for all of my miscellaneous tools. Inside there is alot of volume. Its got a little divider here. A pocket for all of the little stuff.

The way I like to use it for bike commuting, is I just keep random stuff (its winter time now) and I’ve got extra hats and gloves and I’ve got my sunglasses. I don’t really fill it up with too much stuff, I just have the space ready to go when I need it.

For bike touring on the other hand, this thing will be stuffed full of things like snacks, tools, camera, just everything you want to have on hand that you don’t want to have to dig through your panniers for.

Another cool feature of this bag, and all of these Ortlieb Handlebar Bags, is how easily it pops off. And it comes with this nice, handy carry strap so that while your out bike touring or commuting you have this ready-to-go man purse. I like to say that this is the ideal man purse because it is so rugged looking and you look so manly with it. You could just buy this as a man purse. You could get rid of your old man purse and this is it because no one is going to question that you are a man when you have this bag as your man purse.

Anyways, let me pop it back on here. Another cool feature and a big upgrade for the Ultimate 6 series is the magnetic closure on the lid as well as this locking mechanism.

This bag works great for the ladies as well, it probably just won’t make a very good purse. I’m Josh with www.CampfireCycling.com. Check us out online.

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