Say Hello to our New Bloggers

We had a great response to our recent blogger outreach. Thank you to everyone who applied!

We’ve put together our team and have been prepping everyone to launch their first post and get on their monthly posting rhythm. We’ll be publishing posts every Monday starting in the coming weeks.

Without further ado I am pleased to introduce our new team of bloggers.

Welcome Wes!

Utility Cycling lives on and its because we found Wesley Cheney. Wes lives and breathes bicycles and writing about every possibly way to utilize a bicycle comes as naturally to Wes as insulting pretty much anyone comes to Donald Trump (kind of a strange comparison I know). I am proud of what my sister, Melanie Colavito and I established in laying the groundwork for a definition of Utility Cycling. Wes has been tasked with both filling in the gaps of exploring the undiscovered corner of Utility Cycling, unearthing the flavor of greasy bike parts, sweaty brows and adventurous undertakings coming together. Wes hails from Norfolk and is lifelong cyclist and bicycle advocate and also an cycling blogger and writer.

Wesley Cheney

Greetings Emilie!

For Commute By Bike, we found a real gem in Emilie who hails from new Orleans. A city planner and the author of a new book on urban cycling called Urban Revolutions: A woman’s guide to two-wheeled transportation. Emilie is perfectly positioned to bring us great insights into the latest developments in the world of bicycle commuting. Emilie will be following in the cycle tracks of a great tradition of blogging in our Commute By Bike section, from Ted Johnson to Arleigh Jenkins to Richard Masoner and others. I’m excited to read the adventures she’ll take us on as she carries the torch forward.

Emilie Bahr
Emilie Bahr

Buenos Dias Senor Matt!

And batting cleanup, Matt Maynard is sure to be a grand slam. Matt is a British outdoor journalist, environmentalist and photographer who will be checking in from his abode in Santiago, Chile. He writes stories seeking in his own words, “to draw on that clarity we have when living life with determination and truthfulness”. Matt’s reputation as an adventure writer precedes him. He has toured South America on his bike, pedaled across Europe and battled down The Great Divide in the USA. His adventure writing credits include the BBC, Men’s Fitness, the Guardian and Red Bull. Matt will be taking the best of his Bike Touring experience and getting things rolling for this new section of our blog.
Matt Maynard
Matt Maynard
So that’s the new team! Please take a moment to welcome them to the blog. And if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see covered in any of their respective four sections, of Bike Touring, Commute By Bike, Family Cycling and Utility Cycling, let us know here as well.
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