Splish Splash, I was reviewing a bag! The Ortlieb Velocity Bag Review.

The Velocity Messenger Bag by Ortlieb is a must have for any commuter. While Brian was busy throwing buckets of water at me, I forgot to mention how comfortable this bag is, so I decided to wear it when I took my kids to Disneyland and I wore it all day without having to trade it off to my wife. If you buy this bag, you will love it. It’s my first choice when it comes to cycling backpacks.

[Video Transcription]

Hi, I’m Matt with www.CampfireCycling.com and this is the Ortlieb Velocity Messenger Bag review. The Velocity Messenger bag is a fantastic messenger bag. It’s a 100% waterproof bag and that allows your stuff to not get wet and stay super dry inside the bag by using the water tight seal right here on the bag and help when you roll down the bag, like this and pull the strap down like this and it keep everything nice a sealed in the bag. It’s got a notebook sleeve on the inside and the bag holds up to 20L. You will be able to stuff clothes, a lunch box, I use this bag almost everyday on my motorcycle and bicycle when ever I’m commuting into work.

One thing I really love with this bag is it has the adjustable shoulder straps to make it super comfortable or if i want it super tight, I can do that. The waist strap really hugs it to my waist so I don’t feel like the bag is flopping around which good especially on my motorcycle. The velocity also has this back spine here, that allows for air flow through the back of the bag so you back don’t get super sweaty. Everybody hates a super sweaty back and I’m pretty sure do to and you don’t want to show up to work or at home with a big sweat mark on your back. So this allows that to stop that, it’s a nice foam pad also. The main reason I chose the velocity was for the waterproof system right here and if you notice, I’m going to go ahead and pour some water on here right now to demonstrate….(splash)

So it’s waterproof, I’m not water proof and I’m completely soaked.

Let check out the contents of my bags. My Nikon camera, it’s completely dry. Oh a moob, it’s completely dry. A crown fit for a kit, it’s completely dry ah, my work laptop what ill be using to upload this video with. huh, whats this? A Campfire Cycling t-shirt that’s inside out because I don’t fold my stuff. There we go, a Bikeshophub t-shirt, we have them on sale actually, so you can pick one of these up but look it’s completely dry. last but not least my pet rock, I couldn’t go anywhere with out it. It’s pretty lucky rock, like if a driver swerves into my lane, it get thrown through their window lucky rock…

The velocity has a fairly wide opening and the snap liner in on inside with a zip pocket here, you will be able to put some stuff in there. Like a notebook, Calculator, you name it. it also has a pouch for a cell phone and a place for pens, it quickly snaps into place like this.

I’m very wet but I am Matt with www.CampfireCycling.com and this is the Ortlieb Velocity messenger bag review.

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