Don't Get Caught Slippin: The Shimano Commuting Shoe Review.

Shimano is saving us from the slippin and a slidin of road shoes. I think at some point we’ve all had to get off the bike and found ourselves skating a little bit on the floor surface, I know I’ve had a few… The main point is that these bicycling shoes can be worn anytime without having to bring two pairs of shoes. The Shimano Commuting shoes will help you free yourself from the cycling world and join the Bicycle world.

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Matt with and i here today to talk about the Shimano commuting shoes. Shimano has been around cycling for many years and also in fishing but we don’t have time to talk about that and I can’t add up the math to figure out how long Shimano has been around but they have been making cycling shoes since 1990. Shimano has a long history on how to make a cycling shoe. the brands we carry at BikeShopHub are the commuting style shoe. So without further a dew, lets jump right in here.

This is the Shimano Click’r shoe, it looks lie your average running or walking shoe and that’s what it should be, it should look like something casual that you can wear on and off the bike and that’s what these are made for. Each shoe here has a spot for your SPDs so you can clip into whatever you feel like but it also has the rubber grip on the bottom so you not skating around looking like a ballerina in the store or at work. i mean that’s kind of embarrassing and you could possible hurt yourself. So each shoe has the breathable mesh here on the side and they have a traditional lace fit with a lace pocket so they don’t get caught in your spoke. you just weave that through that lace pocket so they won’t get caught in some accident. So how sturdy are these and do they provide you a lot of grip while your walking around. We decide to test it with Brian.

We decide to test the Shimano shoes out here in the wild and if you notice we have Brian here wearing his Shimano triathlon cycling shoes as hes walking by and if you notice hes really unbalanced. look at that! Do you really want to go into the store , its crazy! but now let try with the Shimano communing shoes on!

Alright here we go, for our next shot we have Brian wearing the the Shimano Mutli-use-Touring shoes, go ahead brain. As you can see here, Brian is free to skip along, walk around and do as he feels when hes off the bike. This is incredible! Look at him go!

What did you think? Brian was really all over the place. I was really worried he was going to get hurt. Did you notice the difference between the shoes? When he was wearing the Road shoes he was skating around and with the commuting shoe he was perfectly fine. He looked like a normal person.

Without further a dew this is the Shimano multi-use / touring shoe. Not this guy and gal looks just like a trail running shoe and it has the same deal as the Click’r shoe, it has the mesh top and it has a full carbon rubber on the bottom. You can go up to Mt Lemmon today, it’s a nice day today, take advantage of the ride up there, wearing these shoes and get off and walk 5 to 10 miles. Thats how comfortable these shoes are, your able to wear them off the bike for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable because they have a nice firm bottom to them which allows you to cycle with them easier but they are super soft for walking around.

The next one we have up here is the Shimano Road Sport Touring shoe more traditional classic style roadie shoe, however these are not them because what stands out is the bottom of these shoes right here, they have the grip on the bottom so you not slipping around like Brian was in the last video. Each shoe has little bit of of it own feature these guys go for the more traditional route with the Velcro tops so they are easier to get on and off. I probably won’t recommend wearing these around the office even though Brian (co-worker) kinda wears spandex every once in while. I mean it’s not a big deal but do you want to be that person probably not.

We’ve notice a lot of comments on my videos with people saying “Hey Matt, You not really talking about how this product is used” So we are going to do a quick demonstration on how to get this product ready to go. First you want to open the box, that’s the easy part to get this product to work. You’re going to make sure the stuffing is out of the shoe because that will hurt your toes, so throw it away. Next up you want to make sure open it up nice and wide to stick your foot in there as Brian is doing right now, you want to make sure the tongue fits and then you want to start lacing your shoe. Perfect, you also notice the lace saver. Brian, thank you for the demonstration and I hope this solves and clears some things up.

These are the Shimano commuting shoes. these shoes are fantastic for riding to work, wearing at work and riding home. I’m Matt with and this has been the Shimano commuting shoe review.

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