A Thule Chariot Cougar2 For My Growing Family

My son Jackson, just turned one and it was time to figure bike transportation for him and our 4 year old daughter by bicycle. We first thought about setting up my Xtracycle Edgerunner with a 2nd Yepp Child seat. But then we thought #1 I want to sell that bike and try out something different and #2 we wanted a solution that Melanie could use on her bike as well.

We decided that a two-child bike trailer would fit the bill and chose a Thule Chariot Cougar 2.

Our Gleaming Thule Chariot in the Campfire Cycling Showroom

Before we went out on our first ride, we tried fitting Jackson into a bicycle helmet. We tried two helmets, a Nutcase Little Nutty and a Bell Zipper. While the Little Nutty was definitely the more fashionable choice it was uncomfortable on Jackson’s little head. The plastic head cupping fit system came down to far in the rear and jabbed into his neck. The Zipper on the other hand was quite comfortable.

Action Jackson Trying Out a Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet
Ready for a Family Adventure

We enjoyed a leisurely ride through the neighborhood and onto the U of A Campus. Have a look at my video above for my full review.

Fun by Bike in Tucson
A View of the Plush Compartment

Storage at our home is at a premium and finding a place to store our Thule Chariot was a bit of a challenge. Fortunately it is easy to fold up and in this position I was able to find a good spot to tuck it away into our shed.

As you can see we’re having loads of fun with our new Cougar 2.

Back Home Again
Storing the Chariot
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