Swrve Cycling Clothing… Eat Your Heart Out Bugle Boy!

If you remember the Bugle Boy Commercial from the late 80’s you’re going to love our Swrve video. Swrve may spell their name funny, but I can assure you that their cycling specific clothing is some of the best in the business.

Swrve focuses on making cycling clothing that goes from bike to office without losing style or performance. I love their stuff so much I wear it year around! I promise it will change your commute forever!


[Video Transcription]

Excuse me, are those Swrve pants?

Why yes, they are Swrve pants!

Thanks you!

Hey, Brian with Campfire Cycling here today to talk about Swrve. Swrve is a company that makes cycling specific clothing, its a brand that I really love and I wear it on a daily basis. Not just for my commute into work, but also on weekends when I go out. The main reason is Swrve makes clothing that is comfortable on an off the bike.

They are made out of a Lycra blend which is very flexible, a lot of thought goes into their clothing to make it comfortable on and off the bike. There are reflective elements on the belt loops which is great for the commuter. As well as angled pockets, so if you want to carry your cell phone or something in your back pocket it will fit and not get in the way while you’re peddling or your saddle.

I am wearing their pants right now, they have these nice pockets for a pen or box cutter… if you work at a place that ship products out like we do here at Campfire Cycling. The nice thing about their pants and short is they come in three densities as well. A lighter fabric that is great for summer commuting. They also come in a more robust, thicker material which is great for spring, fall or light winters like we have here in Tucson. Finally they come a heavier fabric that is great for winter commuting in colder climates.

Swrve has done a lot when it comes to their R & D as far as what cyclist and commuters need. Their pants are gusseted on the knee so that there is a lot of flexibility so they will not impede your movement when you’re on the bike at all. The fabric is something I cannot really describe how comfortable it is, it just fits and feels good on and off the bike. I get more compliments on Swrve clothing when I go out, people often curious about who the manufacturer is.

Swrve, great company, terrific active gear for cyclist and commuters. Give them a look or shout, Swrve, they spell their name a little funny, but great clothing I think you will really like. It will change what you wear on your daily commute to the office. No more carrying extra clothes, just grab the Swrve throw it on and you’ll look good going from bike directly into office.

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