How Hard Core Are You?

Hard Core Commuter

With the temperatures around 20 degrees colder than the norm in North Carolina my motivation is lacking for the daily commute to and from the bike shop. In my mind I keep repeating, “Practice what you preach” and that is the one thing getting me on to a bike most days. I’m sure I could make it easier on myself, and I plan to do just that this weekend. Setting my “commuter hub” in my garage, no room for excuses and all things taken care of so I don’t need to worry early in the morning. Warm clothes laid out, lights charged and motivation brewing.

Lack of motivation lead me to re-reading this story this morning. Hard-Core Cyclist Do Not Fear Winter.

This leaves me with one question, how hard core are you? The daily commuters that read this blog, what is your breaking point and how do you keep trudging along?

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