Nitto Campee Racks

The name Nitto, is a staple name through out the bicycle industry.   Even within bicycle shops it holds a name that means two things, high cost but durable and long lasting.   Even within the shop I manage when I bring in Nitto handlebars or racks the mechanics are left drooling as they are normally working on products that are “disposable..   This is where the cycling industry has pointed itself towards, light weight and easily replaced.   Yet, Nitto still keeps their strong name within the industry and brings us durable, long lasting components.

Nitto Campee Rack

One fine example of this is Nitto’s Front & Rear Campee Racks

The beautiful Nitto finish is hard to miss when you see these racks.   With removable pannier supports it allows you to clean up the lines of your bike quickly..   Handbuild and holding the Nitto name makes it seem very niche to me. I’ll be adding this to my want list!

Photos from Ben’s Cycles & you can go buy the racks at Ben’s as well.   (I don’t gain anything from you do this, just saying.)
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