A New twist on an Old Idea, Home Made Bike Cargo Trailer

We received a email from Sean in regards to a custom trailer that he was designing and building. Sean has taken some products that one could find around the house or office and turned them into a home made custom bike trailer. Including his own crafty hitch design.

By taking a sturdy steel frame from an old school table and removing the wooded table surfaces and flipping it up side down Sean had the makings of a great cargo setup. It appears that the old table frame was not going to be able to accommodate the old BMX wheels he had selected, so Sean added an additional underframe to support the load and provide a mounting point for the BMX wheels. He used some scrap plywood for the trailer walls and voila a bicycle cargo trailer has been born. The cool thing about this trailer is the size of the cargo area, being that it has tall walls and a good interior size making it very useful for hauling different kinds of loads

Sean wins the award for best original hitch design which is the best part of this home made project. Now it it may not be the most functional hitch on the market, but a good design using things found around the house or work bench. All in all Sean’s trailer costs him 40 AU which is about 53 or so US, not bad.

So if your unable to find a suitable bicycle trailer on line or just have the hankering to make your own, take a few pointers from Sean. All you need to do is look around your house or garage and I bet you would be surprised what you could come up with.

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