Seven things bike commuting has taught me

You can buy some pretty nice bike gear for the price of a tank of gas these days.

This is among the seven things Jason Gilman in Spokane posted in “Seven things bike commuting has taught” at his Metric Century blog.

Traffic: Why we drive the way we do by Ted Vanderbilt explains why American motorists are often so anti social. It’s a theme familiar to many cyclists: Cars isolate us from social contact with one another, which is why some of us call them ‘cagers.’ His book examines how driving can be safer through, for example, some of the experiments now tried in Europe. Read Jim Wilson’s review of Traffic in the Wall Street Journal, which start with “I drive my car very fast. As a result, I think the other drivers on the road are subhuman vermin with the IQ of a turnip. I suspect that other drivers feel the same way about me.” Props to Jack in St. Louis for this link.

Finally, here’s a fun video showcasing some of David Byrne’s bike rack designs in New York City. David Byrne of “Talking Heads” fame has been a cycling enthusiast for 30 years. Cycle along with him in this video as he talks about riding in Brooklyn and see some of his whimsical bike rack designs.

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