Golf Carts Approved on Roads: This Matters

A small town in Illinois recently passed a law approving golf cart use on their roadways.

Why does this matter to us?

Because it means drivers are forced to deal with more slower moving vehicles on the road which will increase their awareness.

One of the major issues I find with riding a bike on the roads is people aren’t used to looking out for anything but other tin cans going 10+ mph over the speed limit. As more scooters, bicycles and, yes, golf carts enter the roadways, it’s going to force drivers to be more aware and cautious.

While this is just a very small step in a small town in Illinois, it’s setting a precedent for other towns to hopefully follow.

Three cheers for mayor Paul Heideman on taking this big step forward.

Click Here to watch the video on CNN Money.

Story tip via Donna Tocci

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