Q&A: How can I persuade my company to help?

Ed – Below is a question from a reader. If you’ve got some ideas for him, please put them in the comments. If you have a question of your own, please send it to diggers@commutebybike.com.

From Mark:

How can I (you, me, anyone) spur companies to invest in bike lockers or other facilities?

I do not plan to “chain” my bike to the old school metal bike rack out back where the smokers hang out but I do plan to haul it right through the front door past security, although I have no idea what reaction I’ll get. I work for a pretty heavy government defense company where security is tight. I’d like some “ammunition” in the event management prefers I not tote my $800 Trek 7500 to my cubicle.

What information should I have to convince them to allow me some leeway and then provide some help for bike commuters?

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