Canada to exchange bikes for old cars

Environment Canada and the Clean Air foundation announced a new National Vehicle Scrappage program today, offering incentives — including bicycles — to people who scrap their 1995 or older motor vehicles.

“We know Canadians want to do their part to help clean up the air we breathe and our Government shares their desire,” said Minister Baird. “That’s why we are launching a national program to get Canadian’s smog-causing gas-guzzlers off the road. This investment, combined with our Turning the Corner plan to cut air pollution from industry by up to 50 per cent, is what Canadians want and what we are delivering.”

This program will be fully operating by January 2009, and will encourage people to scrap their gas-guzzling vehicles and to turn to environmentally-friendly transportation. The incentives include:

  • Public transit passes;
  • Bicycles;
  • a rebate on the purchase of a new car;
  • Membership in a car-sharing program; or
  • $300 cash.

For more details, see:

More also at Vehicle Scrappage program site, though it doesn’t seem to be up just yet.

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