Boston businesses promote cycling

The Boston Herald published this article on how Massachusetts businesses promote cycling:

Leave your car at home, bike into work and get an annual $700 raise. That’s Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s proposition. The Cambridge-based biotech offers employees who bike to work $175 extra per pay quarter. The 1,100-employee company supplies bike racks, locker rooms and showers at its headquarters near MIT.

Biking enthusiasts say corporate moves such as Millennium’s incentive program are part of a growing trend in Boston and the United States to make biking part of the business culture – and the movement goes beyond commuting.

My employer provides secure covered bike parking, lockers, showers and towel service, as well a guaranteed ride home for emergencies and bike racks on the intra-campus shuttles and most commuter shuttles. This is big improvement from what I’ve been accustomed to in the past, which has generally been washing in the bathroom sink and changing in the handicap stall.

Does your employer provide an accommodation for your bicycle commute?

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