Combat Commuting

Do you think your commute through down town is rough.   Broken bottles, craze.   drivers & stop lights.   How about commuting to work at a military base in Iraq.   “The Baghdad Badass Cycle Club” does just that.   Instead of walking the couple miles to work one of them started to commute, extending their commute they had a perfect XC & freeride enviroment.

The situation here is perfect for bicycle commuting. In my case, to get from where I live to where I work is about two miles. That is a distance that’s probably walkable, but due to the fact that I usually make the trip twice a day or more, isn’t really practical on foot. Very rarely do I have to take anything that can’t fit into my backpack. There is a bus system in place, but the buses run every 30 minutes with several other stops, making a quick there-and-back trip into an hour-long affair, at least. Personal vehicles aren’t permitted, and the two trucks we have are usually being used in some kind of official capacity. In addition to that, on a bike I can take many shortcuts that can’t be driven in a vehicle. Because of all that, riding to work is not only the most convenient way, it’s also the fastest.

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