Real life Spike Bike

Some of the old timers might remember Bob Fishell’s Spike Bike series of posts to Usenet in 1989. Spike Bike was a fictional cyclist in “the cyclist’s paradise” of bike-free Detroit, Michigan. He carries a submachine gun in his water bottle cage, stuffs a couple of grenades in his jersey pockets, and a Rambo knife in its sheath on the front fork.

Milwaukee area news sources are reporting that a motorist knocked down at bicyclist. After the cyclist fell, he got up to fire three shots at the motorist, who was hit in the shoulder. Police said they were looking for the bicyclist, who was described as a Hispanic male in his late teens with a stocky build. There was no description of the bicycle.

So, ahhh, watch where you’re driving. You never know who you’ll run into.

News from The Star Tribune, FOX 6 News, and WKBT. I absolutely do not condone the use of firearms to “get back” at motorists who accidentally hit you. I’m sure CBB reader Mike, who carries, agrees.

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