Becoming a Plug-In Partner

Signs of spring this week. We received orders for 4 trailers and a CELLO.

Other projects started and completed during the week:
1. I signed up Wandertec to become a Plug-In Partner, an association trying to convince automakers to manufacture plug-in hybrid vehicles.
2. I finalized an account with UPS where we will be receiving discounted business rates.
3. I placed multiple orders for our BikeTrailerShop inventory.

Plug-In Partners is a coalition of businesses, government, utility companies, non-profit organizations and private individuals joining together as a unified voice in an effort to demonstrate that a market exists for Plug-In Hybrids.

For those not yet familiar with the idea, a Plug-In Hybrid is a vehicle that utilizes the combined propulsion of electric and gas motors ,as found in the popular Toyota Prius, and adds larger capacity batteries that can be charged up overnight at home. The great advantage of a Plug-In Hybrid is that it can be run mainly from the electric grid for the majority of driving such as commuting to work. When the vehicle needs to be driven longer distances, it can still be fueled up with gas. A promising move in the right direction was at last weeks auto show with the introduction of the GM’s concept car, the Chevy Volt.

Despite the promising momentum towards cleaner vehicle technology, the major auto makers are still dragging their feet on plans for developing a Plug-In. While the concept is being explored, there are no current plans to start production. Plug-In Partners is trying to raise the profile of this issue by creating a coalition of supporters who pledge to purchase Plug-In Hybrids once they are made available.

I was very pleased to find that a movement is being developed around bringing into existence a better vehicle for our economic, international, and environmental future. Along with Plug-In Partner’s efforts to gain pledges of commitment to make purchases, I feel that it would be possible to encourage auto makers to build Plug-In Hybrids by setting up investment accounts for individuals to put down large financial investments that would be locked into purchasing a Plug-In Hybrid at the time that those vehicles were made available. I’m currently investigating if Mutual Funds would be capable of setting up this type of investment account. I then intend to inquire if the organizers of Plug-In Partners have considered this direction.

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