The First Entry

Here we go. This is the start of my new blog on bicycle cargo trailers.

My intention is to spend some time twice a week presenting a variety of information in the specific niche of bicycle cargo trailers.

The recent growth in this niche area is due both to the upsurge in popularity of bicycle touring as well as a growing appreciation of the bicycle as a transportation tool. Because the bicycle cargo trailer is a vital tool for expanding the use potential of the bicycle, manufacturers have begun manufacturing a growing array of trailers and trailer accessories.

Because my business is deeply involved in both selling bicycle trailers and manufacturing trailer accessories, I’ve seen and used most of the trailers that are currently available. Through this blog I will pass on my opinions on the products available, conduct reviews and do comparisons. I plan on highlighting interesting uses of bike trailers as well as featuring exotic tours they are being used on. I will point out links to interesting commercial, conceptual and diy bike trailer products.

If you’ve got any questions feel free to drop a line.

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