Container Choices For A BOB Trailer

When it comes to setting up your BOB, one of the first things to consider is your bag choice. The BOB Trailer is a great starting point as essentially a platform on which to put the storage container of your choice. In considering what is the best way to transport gear on your BOB, the key points of comparison are the containers durability, waterproofing, ease of access, and fit with the BOB Trailer.

The BOB DrySAK is an excellent water proof bag that you can include with your BOB trailer purchase for only $30 more. This is a great value as it runs $60 to $70 on its own. The BOB DrySAK is made from Waterproof PVC and has enough volume (5600 cu. in.) for a whole lot of gear. The DrySAK features a roll top cover that closes with a buckle strapping over the top. It has two plastic handles that make it easy to lift in and out of the trailer. The DrySAK is a great choice for touring and travel, the roll up and roll down top. The DrySAK fits very nicely in the BOB Trailer and is secured in place by the BOB Trailer bungee cord.

Ortlieb manufactures a bag that is quite similar to the BOB DrySAK and in fact has been around for quite awhile longer, around 20 years. The Ortlieb RackPack XL is similar to the BOB DrySAK with its waterproof PVC and large storage volume (5431 cu. in.). The Ortlieb RackPack XL costs between $80 and $90. For the increase in price, you are getting Ortlieb’s legendary quality. All of their products are manufactured in Germany. The quality of the DryBag weld is very evident. Differences from the DrySAK are the padded shoulder strap and the two top closure straps.

Battle Lake Outdoors of Michigan manufactures an interesting BOB Bag. This bag by far offers the most convenience for the user. With multiple compartments and tie downs and an 8000 capacity this bag is a great organizer for the BOB Trailer. The main drawback is that it is not waterproof and only offers water resistance. I’ve solved this problem by carrying a 55 Gallon Drum Garbage bag to stick it in if starts raining. Because it does such a great job of organization this is my favorite bag when traveling in drier climates. With frequent rain, these benefits do get outweighed though.

Velorizontal, a French Canadian Company, has a unique looking bag. Though I don’t know much about this bag, it certainly had a unique look to it and would definitely add some flair to your BOB Trailer.

Bike Trailer Bob BasketWhile bags are preferred for touring, other types of containers may be more favorable for around town use. One very elegant solution is this custom basket made by David Hembrow of the UK. This BOB Basket will definitely add some charm to your BOB. However the price for such an item is quite boutique at $180.

Alternatively to a container, Wandertec makes a cargo net that can be used with the trailer alone or in conjunction with a container such as the BOB Basket.

Other solutions for a BOB container that I’ve spotted are large tubaware containers that fit in the BOB Trailer. Of course, it will be hard to find one that really maximizes the space. But you can feel comfortable that your stuff will stay dry and protected.

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