Rocket Shower By 10 Nine 8 Review

A shower in a bottle?

Showerless Personal Hygiene
People sweat. And they often do it when there?s no shower around, or time to take one. Rocket Shower is a spray body cleaner that makes it convenient to get yourself clean in just about any situation-while traveling, working out on your lunch hour, riding a bicycle to work or if you’re just short on time.

Spray It On, Wipe It Off
Rocket Shower cleans your skin basically the same way Windex works on your windows. Our cleaning formula of witch hazel, alcohol and water carries away the sweat, cools the skin and prevents bacteria from causing body odor. It works well on all parts of the body, although the more robust parts of the body may need an extra pump or two. And it works best when the body is still sweaty.

Here’s the deal…
I have to admit when I first heard of Rocket Shower, I was pretty skeptical about the effectiveness of the product against sweat and body odor.

But I tested, meaning I used Rocket Shower for every day that I commuted through out the summer and parts of fall. My commute at the time was over 17 miles each way. That distance gave me the opportunity to wreak some stinky havoc on myself. Basically after riding that much, my body would sweat and yes, there were some occasions when I produced funky body odor.

The first thing I did to test this was to spray it directly to my arms, face, legs and my personal place.

When I sprayed the Rocket Shower, I smelled like peppermint candy, the feel is cool and comforting. Then once it dries it actually left my skin feeling very clean and smelling nice. Here’s the best part, there was no residue on my skin. All I know was that I felt and smelled clean after using Rocket Shower.

I even sprayed it on my stinky feet and it eliminated the odor on contact. You know how your feet can smell really bad after wearing sandles all day, well Rocket Shower gets rid of that nasty smell.

10 Nine 8 sent me the Jet Pack to review it came with:
Rocket Shower, MicroNet towel, mini washcloth, instructions and a bag to carry it all.
Compact size. No bigger than it needs to be, it holds all of the above with a little extra room for a deodorant stick and one or two sample-size toiletries.

Sturdy. 1000 denier pack cloth and tough nylon mesh survive the repeated abuse of hasty stuffings into backpack or luggage. Beefy YKK zipper.

The direction states you can either spray it on then wipe it away or let it evaporate. But with the Jet Pack,I used every single item in there. Here’s what I did:
1. Wash my head,face, arms, legs, chest and my back with some liquid soap and scrub with the mini wash cloth.
2. Take the micro-net towel and dry my washed areas.
3. Spray on Rocket Shower in places where I couldn’t wash such as my personal place, my mid back and just for good measure, under my arms, fore arms, legs and on my butt…yes my butt.
4. Air dry

After the Rocket Shower dries, I feel super clean. Just as clean as I would have if I had take a regular shower.

Don’t get me wrong, Rocket Shower works by itself without having to use sink and water, but it was out of habit for me to use a wash cloth and soap.

Would I recommend it?
Yes I would. I currently keep a bottle in my car, and one in in my messenger bag. Rocket Shower has to be one of the most practical products I have yet tested. It’s as essential as having a pump for your bike. Rocket Shower will leave you clean and smelling good. You know your coworkers are thanking you for it.


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