Redline 925 Review


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Product: Redline 925

MSRP: $499

Features and Specs:

+ “Steel is real”-double butted chromoly with tapered fork.
+ Multi-Hand position moustache handlebar.
+ Fenders by planet bike, with mudguards.
+Flip Flop rear hub easily converts to fixed track cog or freewheel.
+ Available in 5 sizes.

About Me: I am about 5’7″, a size Husky with perfect hair and perfect legs.

Here’s the deal…
Redline offers the 925 as a single speed commuter with flip flop hubs that can be transformed into a brilliant fixed gear or “fixie” bike.

When I first received the bike, I rode it with the freewheel. But within a few days into it, I flipped to the fixed gear. The bike does come with both front and rear brakes as well as a chain guard, toe clips and fenders. Oh and yeah the moustaches handle bars.

Looking at this bike, you would definitely develop affection for it since it does have that nostalgic look and feel due to its fenders and handle bars. However, that nostalgic sense is nothing but a facade.

The 925 is what we call a sleeper bike. Sure it looks like its a perfect campus riding bike or one you would take to the local coffee shop to enjoy your latte and scone. But the 925 is a rabid wolf under sheep’s clothing.

What do I mean by that? The 925 will chew up any other commuter bike out there. This bike can haul! The 42 by 15-tooth fixed gearing allows any rider to reach unbelievable speeds with precise control and handling. The steel frame rides like no other bike. It gives a rider a sense of security knowing that this bike is stable, strong and mischievous!

Sure the bike looks like a coasting, cruiser type. But that’s the beauty of it. The folks at Redline certainly knew what they were getting themselves into when they designed the 925. They knew that people would be impressed with the low MSRP of $499 and they knew that people would love the fenders, chain guard and the fancy bars. But buyers wouldn’t realize that the 925 delivers more punch per dollar!

The 925 can be best described as an old mare on a ranch. It may not look like an impressive and expensive Stallion. But once you get on it, the ride is far better than a prancing pony or a galloping horse. Because of that, the Redline 925 has become my favorite bike in my stable. I use is for all of my errands, commuting and recreational riding.

The only thing I didn’t like…and this is my personal opinion and preference, was the low stem. I replaced it with a stem that gave me more of an upright position.

Other than that, the bike is pretty much perfect.

Would I recommend it?

Duh, Yes I would. The Redline 925 is perfect for anyone that wants to get into fixed gear riding. It’s also a great commuter bike for the price.

I’ve heard of people that want to turn an old frame into a fixed gear. So they spend up to $200 for a set of wheels, and more for the chain, brakes (if they want it), handle bars, tires and what ever else they need. All that can add up to more than what it would cost to buy the Redline 925. It makes more sense to get the Redline 925 than building one up.

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