Home Made Knickers

Last week my brother RL asked if I had an extra pair of BDU pants that he could have. Having been in the Military for over twelve years, you know I had a few. But I was curious to see what he wanted them for. I thought he needed them for some paintball action with Moe. But it turns out; he wanted to get them altered and use them as Knickers. So I figured I’ll supply the pants and go a step further and modify it to a pair of Knickers.

I wasn’t sure on how long he needed so I just had to guesstimate on where to cut the legs.

I then turned it inside out and folded back about an inch and began to sew.

Here is the finished product. Not too bad right?

Being a Parachute Rigger in the Army, we were trained in three different areas of expertise: Parachute Packing, Aerial Delivery (airdrop anything that could fit in a plane), and Parachute Maintenance. Repairing parachutes is where I learned how to sew. And since we have the machines here, I might as well use them. I’ve also done some cost effective repairs in the past.

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