Dream Vehicle

I’d always wanted an off-road convertible vehicle. Well, I’ve just realized that I had one hanging on my garage.

K2 Lithium

It’s my ‘New to Me’ K2 Lithium 4.0. that I traded my Specialized FSR XC S-Works race bike for. To me, cycling is about having fun, if I’m riding a commuter bike to work, if I’m riding my MTB bike off-road, if I’m riding my road bike for 100 miles. I can take my bike to where a Jeep cannot go, I can go speeds that will give me such an adrenaline rush as if I was speeding on a sports car (without getting busted for reckless driving), I can go for miles without worrying about how much gas its going to cost me. So, anytime that you dream of a shiny Ferrari, a Jeep, or an SUV, it may be hanging right on your garage.

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