Sette Rival Shoes Review

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Product: Sette Rival Shoes from

MSRP: $80.00 Price Point: $34.98

Product Description

Whether you are riding trails or urban streets, the Sette Rival shoes will look and feel at home on both. With its hardcore skate-inspired styling that includes hardwearing suede and anodized rubber toe guard complemented by the raised and stitched welt. The whole shoe will stay where you put it thanks to the lacing system and hook and loop strap. The midsoles are stiffened to give you support that you need yet maintain the comfort you desire. SPD Compatible.

My Background: On a good day I’m about 5’7″ weighing in about 190lbs. But on a bad day, I’m allot shorter and fatter….I commute with the RedLine 925 and hit the trails with my 04 Giant Warp.

Testing Grounds:
The gold paved streets of Orange County, Ca. and the dusty trails of Aliso Woods, Turnbull Canyon, Fullerton Loop and the office.

These are kick butt shoes and with a great price point of $34.98! They’re pretty casual and very comfy. Keep reading below to find out what I think of them.

The picture below shows a brand new pair of the Sette Rival Shoes…nice eh? Don’t they remind you of a pair of skater shoes?

So Here’s The Dealio:
I absolutely love these shoes! I can’t even believe that anyone can find a pair of cycling shoes for under $40. If you did find shoes for less than that price, it’s probably used from Ebay.

What I really liked about the shoes is the fact that they look like normal looking shoes. I could wear them almost anywhere. The rubber soles are very sticky, meaning that I wasn’t slipping around everywhere as I would with regular cycling shoes that only have pads of rubber in certain sections of the the sole.

Now you can see that I’ve put the shoes through some use, at least a few hundred miles of commuting, mountain biking and walking. Yes, walking.

I also loved the fact that I could walk normal. My last pair of cycling shoes were mountain biking shoes. When you walk with them, your heel is lower than your toes. So walking with regular cycling shoes would make you feel like your walking on your heels.

But with the Sette Rival Shoes, they felt like a great pair of normal shoes. They weren’t heavy at all. By the looks of the pictures, the heavy duty materials used would make anyone assume that these are some clunker shoes, nope. Not at all!

Big strong staps.

Just look through all of the photos, you can see that the shoes are very well built. This is REAL suede people! Not some imitation micro-fibre stuff or that plasticky, vinyl junk that other shoes are made of. NO! This shoe would be the like the urban assault vehicle of cycling shoes. Did you read the description… “anodized rubber toe guard. “ I’m not so sure what anodized means, but it sounds macho and tough!

Other shoes may look fancy and may cost WAY more, but the Sette Rival Shoes are so much better than what you would get with high priced shoes. Just the craftsmanship that is put into these shoes are worth way more than the super low price of $34.98.

Seriously, it wouldn’t make sense at all for you to go out and spend anywhere from $50-$250 on a pair of cycling shoes. It just doesn’t….spend the $34.98 and take the rest and buy some parts or accessories for your bike. You might as well buy it at since you’re already there ordering your Sette Rival Shoes.

Here’s the big secret that large, humongo, super expensive companies don’t tell you. The reason why their stuff is way more expensive…no its not because their products are made with better plastics or some space age material that no one else has. But its because they have spent MILLIONS of dollars in advertising. But you take a company like Sette that really doesn’t spend all that much on advertising, then heck there’s no reason for them to try to rip you off by raising their price point for their products. They just figured they’ll pass on the savings to the consumer.

This is how they would look while being worn. I like them because they don’t look like cycling shoes at all!

Ok…I can’t stress enough the LOW LOW LOW, Super LOW…and VERY Low lOw price of these shoes. You’d be pretty dumb in my opinion, to buy shoes that cost more!

Here’s another view.

So take my word for it, go with the Sette Rival Shoes. You will not regret it. Now I can understand if you don’t like the style, well Sette had that in mind. They do offer other styles and models that will meet anyone’s needs and guess what, they’re all available at at super low prices.

Another shot of the stylish cool Sette Rival Shoes.

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