Yellow Card

“This magnet was tossed onto your car by a cyclist who felt that you might have been driving in a way that could have endangered their life.
They chose to toss this magnetic note because it can neither damage your automobile, nor affix itself to rubber or glass and will therefore not affect your driving. It serves to warn you.

With thoughtful contemplation and reverence for humanity, we can adjust our behavior to allow for all people to live life.

This is a yellow card, let’s please not let things get to Red.”

Source: www.PeterMiller.Info/yellowcard.html

This is an interesting way of letting motorists know that they have disrespected your rights as a cyclist. Here in LA, you most likely will get your ass beaten for tossing something at driver’s ‘precious’ cars. In case you don’t get the Yellow/Red card deal, its a Soccer thing.

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