Got Nailed

Today was my first commute to my new job. It’s about 17 miles each way so if you do the math, it comes out being 34 miles per day.
On my way to work I was able to fly and until I hit mile 10! I pulled a Hami! I previously injured my left hamstring about a week ago and I did it again today. Dang I was about to call Priscilla to give me a ride to work. But I had to suck it up and keep riding while in major pain.
At the end of my day I decided to give riding back home a shot. I loaded up on Motrin so I figured the pain may be tolerable.
About 5 miles from home, I GOT NAILED! The darn thing went all the way through, puncturing the tire and the top and bottom of the tube.
I saved the little booger to show my joy killer. Luckily the Ibex Corrida that I was riding had a spare tube in its saddle bag (Thanks Moe, I owe you a beer!)
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