How much is it worth?

FAQ: I want to buy/sell a used bike, how much is it worth?

I get asked this question a lot. My answer normally is: Well, it depends. There are some bike models that will depreciate more than others. Any upgrades will also increase the value of the bike, but not by much. And of course, the condition of the bike matters a lot.

Here’s a ‘rule of thumb’ that I found on

My general rule for trade in purposes is to depreciate a perfect bike by 35% after the next model year comes in, and 10 % for each model year to follow.

I usually suggest to go to Ebay or CraigsList and get an idea of how much a bike is selling for, you can then get an average market value of the bike. Another good source is a buddy that may know about bikes, he/she can easily tell you what they are willing to pay for a bike.

I tell people that their best bet is to buy their bikes from their LBS or a reputable IBS. The bikes are fully guaranteed and you know that the bike has never been ridden like it was stolen, or stolen, for that matter.

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