Bumble Bar Chocolate Crisp

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My background: I am 5’7?, 190 lbs. I am a hungry man and I like to eat good food especially while I’m riding my bike. I am bike commuter that travels  34   miles round trip.

Testing Grounds: My belly, riding to work, riding on the Fullerton Loop and when I am hungry.

Overview: “I’m thrilled, I’m really excited” about the success of the BumbleBar, Liz adds. “It seems pretty dreamy to me. It’s exciting to help create a market for organic foods. Every time somebody buys our bar instead of a non-organic bar, there are lots of positive ramifications for the environment.”

Nutritional Info:

Chocolate Crisp


(All ingredients are

Nutritional AnalysisServing size:  1  package  (45  grams) Servings:  1

Amount per serving: DV*
Organic sesame seeds Calories


Organic brown rice syrup Calories from fat


Organic evaporated cane
Saturated fat


Organic crisp brown rice Total fat:


Organic non-dairy chocolate chips* Cholesterol


Organic peanuts Total carbohydrates:


Organic flax seeds Fiber:


Organic cocoa powder Sugars


Organic Vanilla Protein


Vitamin A: 0%
Sea salt Vitamin B6: 8%
Natural Vitamin E for freshness Vitamin C: 0%
Processing agents: Organic sunflower/safflower oil Vitamin E: 15%
Folate: 6%
Calcium: 15%
Copper: 30%
Iron: 15%
Magnesium: 15%
Niacin: 6%
Phosphorus: 10%


Riboflavin 0%


Thiamin 8%
Zinc 10%

* Non-dairy chocolate chips contain organic cane sugar, organic cocoa paste, organic cocoa butter, non-gmo lecithin and organic extract of vanilla.

Similar Products Tested: Just about every bar out there imaginable. From Balance Bars, Power Bars, Cliff, Snickers, Payday, KitKats, Atkins, Pria, and many others.
Good: What I loved about BumbleBars are the fact that you don’t get that annoying sugar rush and the dreadful sugar crash like you do with other bars. I like the fact its organic, non-dairy that means less or no gas for our lactose intolerant friends.  For the size of the bar, you only get 200 calories.
Competitior bars that are half the size of the BumbleBar can have up to 300 calories.But I think what makes this a far more superior nutrional/energy bar out there is the fact that it doesn’t have hydrogenated oils (did I spell that correctly?)
The biggest factor bars would be its taste. How can I say this without waking up the neighbors…IT TASTE GREAT! BumbleBars are SO AWESOME! YOU AS A READER AND A CYCLIST NEED AND I MEAN HAVE TO TRY IT!
Bad: As great as this bar is, the only thing bad about it is that you get seeds stuck between your teeth, but that’s it! Nothing is wrong with this bar. It tastes great, it doesn’t melt.
Summary: BumbleBars are great. They taste good, the people at the company are nice, it simply is an awesome bar!
For more info: Visit BumbleBar
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