Happy 1 Year Anniversary to commutebybike.com!

Yup, we’ve been here for a year now. When CBB first opened its doors, it was just me running the show. CBB was conceived due to the Bike To Work contest I had won last year. We gradually started to grow in our hits per day and Partners. Then I recruited Moe, then my wife Priscilla and we found a great guy named JJ, then my big brother Randy and most recent to our family of commuters, Nick James.
Here are some of the posts we did about a year ago. CLICK HERE
So just to refamiliarize you with who makes up CBB, here they are:
and our very own Derek Zoolander, Nick James
Thanks again to all of you that have made CBB a great place for commuter info and also an awesome place to hang out in. I would like to specially thank our Partners for providing us awesome products to test and review and of couse The Crooked Cog Network for building and hosting our site, thanks TIM!

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