Home Again

10 days on the road, trail, air, and water, and we’re finally home again. As we rode through the countryside in the desert west, the differences of the local lifestyle and mine were glaring. No trees, no green at all. The houses wind beaten and worn, many didn’t even have air-conditioning. Poverty and riches were both  evident, but mostly poverty. Yet I didn’t see any sad people. The children were laughing and playing, the people I met were pleasant and smiling. My first thought at the condition of some of the reservation neighborhoods I saw was, how could they be happy? Almost as soon as I had that thought, the answer came.  True happiness is from within. True joy and happiness comes from the heart, and I believe it is a natural by product of love. If you love your family, your neighbor, the good earth we enjoy, then happiness  just seems to spring forth. Many ‘things’ bring pleasure, but pleasure is fleeting. The  pleasure of anything you can buy with money will sooner or later disappear. But love is forever. I can easily see where the people living there could find joy and happiness. Life may be different, pleasures may be fewer, but they obviously love their homelands and families.
I’ve always loved the west, especially the southwest. In spite of the harshness,  the raw beauty of the desert and mountains is spectacular.  I went to Moab for the first time in my life, despite having spent quite a bit of time out west. It’s easy to see why it is such a popular destination. I will certainly return, and stay for a while.
I was able to put in some miles, the most spectacular of which were on the Grand Canyon rim. I rode my son’s Liahona, which was a great bike! I didn’t expect much, but man, it was fantastic! Here’s a couple pictures, more will be up soon. I think I’m sick.  I took over 1000 pictures and over 3 hours of video. Is there a rehab center for digicamaholoics? Also – I now have several thousand miles with the Bailey Works Commuting Bag. OK, most were in the baggage hold of various Airbus jets, but nevertheless, I have gained enough experience with the bag to put together a review – check back in a couple days.
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