City of Angels Post Ride Update

As you may have read, Moe and I rode the City of Angels Fun Ride sponsored by Volvo and KHS Bicycles. This event was my first real road ride since I was about 14 years old. There were about 2000 riders and we were escorted by the police through out Los Angeles, Hollywood and other surrounding cities completing a total of 44 miles.

Here’s the start and finish line
Here’s Moe, our friend Robert “The Robot” and RL (I’m not fat, I’m Samoan-JK!)
After the ride we hung out where they were doing the raffles and had the sponsors pimpin’ their stuff. We got a chance to hang out with Vince Calvillo of KHS Bicycles. While we were there, Vince showed us some of their coolest bikes and we even got to ride them around.
Vince and Moe chatting
RL(I’m not fat, I’m Samoan-JK!), Vince C. and Moe
There’s Robert “The Robot” and our buddy Fernando checking out the KHS Goods.
A shot of the KHS Urban Express. Man this is a sweet ride, it has 700c wheels and large chain rings to help you glide through the streets. Hopefully we can review it some day. Moe and I as well as anyone that rode it around nearly fell in love with it.
Here’s where everyone was just hanging out after the ride at the LAPD Police Academy.
Man I have to tell you, this ride kicked my butt! I actually had to bow out of a big hill since my knee is still bothering me. But I’ll be back next year making sure I keep up with Moe.
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