I've fallen and I can't get up!!!

Check out the following excerpt from IMBA:

An injured mountain biker is suing the non-profit Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship (OEF) claiming the biking club failed to properly maintain a trail bridge. The case appears to be a classic example of the type of lawsuit feared by land managers and mountain biking organizations worldwide.

In September, 2004 60-year old Jerry Reese sustained a severe spine injury when he fell off the side of a wooden bridge while mountain biking on the popular Bluff Creek Trail near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. At the time of the accident, a deck board on the bridge was broken, but remained loosely in place. Reese alleges the broken board caused him to lose control of his bike and fall into a dry creek bed. The OEF built the bridge and had an informal agreement with Oklahoma City to perform regular volunteer maintenance on the trail. The case has a trial date of March 4, 2006.

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My two Cents: As a mountain biker I know the inherent dangers of the sport. I really hate to read articles where some wussy boy eats it and tries to sue. It’s lame people like this dude that endanger the usage of some trails. To this dude, WTF, if you can’t stand the heat, get off the trails and ride around your block!!!

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