Viola!-Bike Case for Folding Bike

I am eagerly awaiting photos of a new concept – a case for a folding bike that fits around a BOB trailer. I received a call last week from a fellow BOB enthusiast who had fabricated the devise in his garage and was eager to compare notes on it with the CELLO. This sounds like it is a great solution for traveling with a BOB trailer and folding bike and not having to worry about the oversize fees associated with traveling with a full sized bike and case. Bike Friday has a similar concept going with a bike trailer built around a Samsonite suitcase that can be then used to store the bike. This idea is similar in nature but with the benefit of utilizing a high performance BOB trailer. This fellow BOB enthusiast was interested in passing the idea along in exchange for a small kickback on the profits. Though we’ve considered the idea before we are eager to see if his design can help move the concept forward. This is how great things can sometimes begin, a phone call, and a few photos. We’ll be experimenting with the idea to see how it works. Perhaps a new product for 2007′..Viola

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