CVS Camcorder Hack is done – It's on baby!

Many of my greatest accomplishments happened at 3:00 AM. I just finished applying the hacks to my formerly “one-time use” camcorder from CVS. Now, instead of returning my $30.00 camcorder to CVS and have them put the video on CD, and have them KEEP my camcorder; I’ll be keeping the camcorder, and uploading/downloading my videos on my own PC at will. Sweeeet deal. 
Anyway – here’s my first video. I made this the first day I had the camcorder and have been careful not to delete it, waiting for the time when I could save it to my PC. I was in my truck, playing with the camcorder, and I had an idea. I flipped on the radio, and started lip-syncing to El-Rushbo. After a few minutes I got pretty good at it. This is a clip of that. Be sure to turn up the volume.

(Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on the Rush Limbaugh Show are not necessarily mine)

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