Fezzari Abajo Peak Pro Build Up

As you may remember, the Wiki Peak Comp suffered a small fracture to the bottom bracket. The folks from Fezzari were cool enough to send us an upgraded replacement frame. I began the build up about two days ago by removing the old parts, cleaning them and then installing them onto the Abajo Peak.
Here’s the old Wiki Peak Comp frame

Almost done!

What a mess!


Baby Got Back!

The finished product!

The build up itself wasn’t too hard. It probably took me a total or 2.5 hours to tear down and build up. I took out the Abajo around my neighborhood making sure things were working properly. Man I love this bike! The Fezzari Abajo Peak Pro’s geometry is so comfortable, yet aggressive. I can’t wait to take her out on the trails tomorrow and play on the jumps! Stay tuned for some new videos

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