Wal-Mart Bike Lawsuit

Here’s another reason why NOT to buy bicycles from the big box merchandisers:

FEBRUARY 16, 2005 — MARIN, CA (BRAIN)–A lawsuit filed in Marin Superior Court Monday leveled a charge of conspiring to sell defective, dangerous bicycles against Dynacraft Industries and Wal-Mart Stores.

The suit was filed on behalf of nine U.S. children who were hurt when the front wheel of their Next bicycles detached, sending them over the handle bars, according to the Associated Press. Dynacraft manufacturers Next bikes. Click Here to keep reading.

Here are my two cents: I’ve been guilty of buying a mass produced bike from the retailer mentioned above. I can still remember that I paid $96 for that bike. I used to believe that paying over $100 for a bike was nuts, after all, a bike is a bike, right?

Boy was I wrong. Now I know that buying a bike from an LBS or a reputable online manufacturer is the way to go. These bikes are professionally assembled (or partially assembled), the quality the frame and components are superior, you will get warranty and service, but most of all, you will get a bike that will actually fit you. As cliche as it may sound, you get what you pay for.

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