TopLine Uni-grip First Impression

Uni-grip Bike Rack
One of our newest partners, TopLine Manufacturing sent us a Uni-grip Truck Bed Bike Rack to review. I tested this bed rack on my recently acquired Nissan Frontier Crew Cab.
Unigrip Bike Rack
My truck came with Nissan’s Tie-down system that made the clamp impossible to install according to the instructions. I figured out a way to hook up the clamp to the rail system and was able to install the rack.
Unigrip Bike Rack
The clamp has an ‘arm’ that attaches to the top tube of the bike, then there’s another ‘arm’ that connects to both top tubes of the bikes
Unigrip Bike Rack
Once installed, the bikes were not going anywhere. I took the bikes to RPM’s grand opening for a 140 mile round trip reaching speeds of 85 mph. The bikes never moved at all. I’m in awe of this simple, yet efficient bike system.

Highlights: Once the clamp was in place, it takes about 5 minutes to get the bikes latched.
I don’t have to remove the front wheels at all.

Lowlights: Due to the shape of the Corrida’s top tube, the clamp’s screw rubbed a little and scratched the paint of the bike. This was fixed by adding some tape between the top tube and the clamp.

I will continue using this great bed rack system since part of my commute involves taking my girls to school and to Grandma’s before I go to work. A full review will be coming soon!

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