Let Freedom Ring – Dingaling!

The two letters below represent a dichotomy that need not exist on our streets. There are ways to make the streets more accommodating for all vehicles, with or without bicycle lanes. 
How ironic that idiots who have total freedom to say things like “Cyclists make good hood art”, have the freedom to drive unencumbered by fear that a motorist may mow them down at any minute. Yet they can’t afford cyclists the freedom to ride the vehicle of their choice on the same roads. 
For him to presume that cycling is Luddite, and has no place in the 21st century is expected of a moron closed up in his own selfish little world. Even if he’s wrong, he’s entitled to his opinion. But to assume that cyclists are begging to become hood ornaments? (dingaling) That’s a threat. If true justice could prevail right now, Andrew Matheson (second letter below) would be confronted by authorities for threatening the lives of cyclists, have his drivers license forever revoked, and sentenced to riding a bicycle for the remainder of his “adult” life, or until he becomes the hood art of a like minded moron. 
John LaPierre

NOVEMBER 10 – 16, 2005  VOL. 25 NO. 11
Another cyclist dies in vain
I was enjoying my Thursday morning ritual of breakfast and NOW when I came across the article about Ryan Carriere (
NOW, November 10-16 ). I had seen the flowers marking his passing at the corner of Queen and Gladstone. But it was when I saw his photo and read about his two young daughters that I found myself crying. Toronto is growing rapidly, and there is more traffic, congestion and smog all the time. Cyclists are a great asset to this city, yet Toronto does next to nothing to raise awareness or to offer cyclists protection. Life happens, accidents happen, but when a young life is taken tragically, I believe it is meant to have a great impact — to create change. If it doesn’t, then these deaths are all in vain.
Eden Hertzog

Cyclists make good hood art

Despite your furry-headed sense of entitlement, city roads were not made for cyclists, but for a little invention we call the automobile. If you want to play with your bicycle, go to a park, ride along a bike path and ring your little bell. Have fun – just leave the streets to people engaged in adult pursuits such as earning a living. Bicycling Luddites at play in the 21st century are destined, nay begging, to become hood ornaments. Dingaling.

Andrew Matheson

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