RPM Cyclery Grand Opening

This past weekend Moe and I packed up his truck and my little SUV full of the products that we’ve been reviewing. Then we drove out to Lake Elsinore where RPM Cyclery was having their Grand Opening. Check out the photos below.

Moe, Scott Finch (shop owner) and RL

The Commute By Bike Booth
cbb booth

Ibex Corrida and Xray

The most popular items were the Bikke, Xootr Swift and Fezzari Wiki Peak.

Xootr Fezzari Wiki Peak Inertia Designs Business Pannier mounted on the Corrida

Fun and Games in the Parking Lot. Thats me in the corner being Mr. MC.

Tons of Bumlbe Bar, Hydra Water and Stickers to give away.

Another Booth Shot

We’d like to thank the following folks for providing us some great products to raffle away:
Tifosi Optics, Terry Precision Bicylces, Internia Designs, Bumble Bar (we handed out TONS of Bars!) Hydra Beverages and Princetontec.

All of the companies mentioned went above and beyond our expectations by sending in some nice quality products. Thanks again.

Just to give you an idea what kind of person Scott Finch is, well, he’s got knum-chuck skills, computer hacking skills, down-hill skills, dirt jumper skills and XC skills. Not only does he love the bike business, but the dude has some credentials. So that means if you ever visit his shop, you’ll be in good hands, he’s a smart guy and he’s pretty friendly. Heck he’s one of the best riders I know and you’ll often see him racing the Southridge USA DH Races.

We’d also like to thank as well as congratulate Scott Finch for opening up RPM Cyclery. We wish him the best of luck and success!

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