Xootr Swift Gets Plenty of Attention

Today I decided to ride the Xootr Swift to work. It’s a great feeling to ride such a comfortable bike. Dang this bike gets so much attention from people. The funny part was that right when I pulled up to my building, the security guard was calling me and was saying that I can’t bring the bike in. But as soon as he was done telling me, the Swift was already folded and I looked at him, then he gave me a puzzled look and said…”ah…nevermind.” So I brought it to my desk and already my coworkers were asking all sorts of questions about the bike such as, “how does it fold, what does it cost, does it come in any other colors and etc.”

The Swift fits perfectly in my trunk next to my Ukulele.


swift 2

My Co-Worker Gil admiring the Swift while it’s folded.
Gil with the Swift

Swift final
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