Rio Cali 128 MB MP3 Player



RIO Cali 128mb Mp3 Player DVD

18-hours of continuous playback with one AAA battery
Compatible with computers with USB 1.1 ports running Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP, Mac OS X
128 MB of memory for over 2 hours of MP3 or 4 hours of WMA music
Secure Digital card/MMC expansion slot provides up to 512 MB of additional memory
5-band adjustable equalizer with pre-sets

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My background:
I am an avid mountain biker, bicycle commuter and you will occasionally see me on the street jogging as well as lifting weights in my garage.

Testing Grounds:
The Rio Cali goes with me everytime I ride, run and workout.

Product Tested:
Rio Cali 128mb Mp3 Player

First Impressions and Comments:
Great sound! It has an arm strap so you can strap it on to your upper arm or just clip it onto your waist. Cool color and easy controls. Illuminated display, easy to read LCD. Ear phones were somewhat comfortable. You can tune into your favorite radio stations.

Rio offers a 256mb Cali, but it gets a bit pricey.

-Awesome sound
-Great instructions
-Easy to read LCD
-Great item to have with you while you work out
-Small and light weight, you barely feel it
-Lockable controls so you don’t accidentally change songs or turn it off

-Even though the LCD was easy to read, it could have been a bit bigger
-Earphones can be uncomfortable at after long periods of time
-Takes a long time to upload Mp3’s from my machine at home

This is a great little gadget to have. Music can definitely change up your workout intensity. Nothing helps me more while I am grinding up a hill than listening to some Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Incubus, Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit.
The sound is rather impressive, the ear buds deliver high quality music to your ears. Controls are easy to figure out. The software was a no brainer but the whole process of uploading music to your mp3 player was tedious. So if you’re going to upload, you better be sure you want those songs in there or else you’ll waste more time trying to upload other songs you wanted.

I paid $42.00 for my Rio from Sam’s Club Online. But you could always shop around and you might be able to find it cheaper. But for what I paid for, it’s a great deal!

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