Pedaling to Save Cash

back to basics

Check out this old article from June of 1981. These guys saved $12,000 by riding their bikes!


My job site was 15 miles from our trailer, but I was too thrilled with our new austere budget to let that fact bother me. I quickly conditioned myself to long-distance bicycling . . . a process that took some 30 days of hard-headed perseverance. Before long I realized that pedaling to and from work had become, well, a breeze.

Furthermore, throughout my first New Hampshire winter-€ during which temperatures dropped to as low as 4°F-€ I never missed a day’s work . . . I was never late . . . and I usually “felt like a million” by the time I arrived! There were only two occasions-€ both during blizzards-€ when I was forced to ask a friend for a ride to my job site.

And, just two years-€ and eight beautiful seasons of biking-€ later, my friends and I had jointly accrued $12,000. So, in the spring of 1978, we sold everything that couldn’t be carried on a bicycle, and took off-€ pedaling-€ to find our place in the country!

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