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The Tubus Logo Evo is the perfect rack for bike setups requiring extra heel clearance (Short Chain stays / Large Size Shoes). The Logos utilize a lower mounting point which improves center of gravity and allows for better loading on the top of the rack.


The Master Rack

Please Note: Due to pricing inconsistencies amongst our suppliers, this rack in black is $50 more than it is in silver.

The Tubus Logo Evo is the perfect rack for bike setups requiring extra heel clearance (Short Chain stays / Large Size Shoes). The Logos utilize a lower mounting point which improves center of gravity and allows for better loading on the top of the rack and better riding stability.

The Logo Evo’s design at the same time allows for bags to mount further back, thereby permitting extra heel clearance. Variable attachment system makes an easy installation on nearly all frame geometries.

Consider mounting a set of Ortlieb or other panniers to your Logo for the extra cargo room you’ve been looking for.


  • Evo Upper Mounts
    • Includes 2 x 240mm length Tubus Roundstays.
    • Two roundstay attachment points with multi-directional adjustments allow for optimal connection to the majority of upper eyelet configurations.
      • Roundstays slide forward and back.
      • Horizontal position allows Roundstays to slide side to side.
      • Horizontal position allows Roundstays to rotate horizontally.
      • Vertical position allows Roundstays to rotate vertically.
      • For both horizontal and vertical positions, the roundstay can be mounted on the inside or outside as needed.
      • Can be replaced with different length Tubus Roundstays as required.
    • Adaptable to mount the rack to the majority of bicycle’s upper eyelet configurations.
    • The two Roundstay attachment points are a simpler, lighter-weight design compared to the top mounting plate with Roundstay Clamps
    • After easy adjustment, the clamps lock the Roundstays firmly in place for a rigid, secure connection.
    • For bicycles without upper eyelets, Tubus Seat Stay Mounts can sometimes be used instead.
  • Evo Lower Mounts
    • Utilizes a 3D investment casting dropout.
      • Incredibly strong, engineered for handling high loads.
      • Offset to place the lower ends of the rack’s vertical tubes away from your bike’s seatstays.
    • Single bolt hole design require bicycles to have lower mounting eyelets.
    • Upper slot of 3D dropout can be utilized for hooking a pannier hook to.
  • Steel Tubing
    • Hollow chromoly steel tubing, 25CroMo4.
    • Fillet brazed construction.
    • Powder-coated finish resists corrosion.
      • A pre-finish is applied to the steel tubes before powder-coating, making the tubes even more rust-resistant.
  • Incredibly light weight for it’s strength.
  • Benefits of the lower and rearward position of the Logo’s side-rails.
    • If you have heel clearance issues,  you can place your pannier further back.
      • A variety of factors can lead to heel clearance issues including: foot size, chainstay length, large heels on shoes, pannier size and pannier mounting style.
      • Please note that excessive heel clearance is unnecessary.  Optimal pannier placement for weight distribution is as forward as possible while still allowing adequate heel clearance.
    • The lower mounting position for your panniers offers a lower center of gravity.  On some bikes, this can be lead to a noticeable improvement in bike handling.
    • Lower panniers can make it easier to swing your leg up and over the load when getting on and off the bike.
    • The lower mounting position for your panniers leaves the top platform more accessible for mounting rack top bags to.
  • Stiff mounting bracket for a tail light.
    • Mounting holes are 50mm apart for standard rack mounted rear lights such as those by Busch & Muller.

Compare the primary feature sets across all Tubus Racks on our Tubus Feature Page.


  • Height Lower Mount to Top: 37cm / 14.6″
  • Platform W x L: 88mm @front; 99mm @rear x 290mm / 3.3″ @front; 3.9″ @rear x 11.4″
  • Weight: 738g / 25.7oz
  • Weight Capacity: 26kg / 57.3lbs
  • Tire Size Compatibility
    • Max Tire Width: 60mm / 2.35″
    • Designed to fit 26″/700C tires.
      • Will fit 29’er tires if the bicycle frame’s lower rack mounting points are positioned high enough on the rear dropouts.


Tubus Racks come with a 10-YEAR WARRANTY. Tubus also offers a 3-year Mobile Guarantee. To qualify, send in the registration card that comes with your rack. Tubus will air-mail a replacement rack anywhere in the world if the rack breaks during normal use. This is great peace of mind for cycle tourists traveling to far-off corners of the world.

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Brett M.
Light and strong

Great build quality and easy to install. Stoked!

Christopher J.
Perfect rack

Available at a great price and shipped/received immediately!!!

Alan B.
Tubus Logo Evo - high quality rack

I purchased this rack specifically for loaded touring on my Rivendell Atlantis. The rack involves slightly more to install it than my old Blackburn, but it also has better fit options. It fit very well with my fenders and rim brakes (linear pull). I have not had the opportunity to take it out on any tours, but the rack is well-designed for carrying my Ortlieb panniers, both the large rear and the smaller front panniers, offering many positions to avoid heel contact, and keeping weight low. The separate, lower hanger for the panniers makes it easier to carry a tent or other stuff on top while panniers are being used. For use around town, the top platform doesn't work well for carrying my U-lock compared to my old rack, but I suspect most people buy this rack for touring not grocery shopping, and I was aware of the difference in design when I bought it.

Mark Z.
As solid as it gets.

This product is top notch. Fairly easy install. Quite adjustable. Material is quality and will likely last a lifetime.

CampfireCycling.com Tubus Logo Evo Review
Robert H.
self supported bicycle camping ready to ride!!

GREAT, I was much pleased with how the rack was packed and that I had everything I needed to mount it on the bike. If I need anything for my next camping trip, I am going to look at your site first. Even thinking about visiting the brick and mortar store!