Swift Bag Me Gift Pack

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Add a tiny fox to your favorite bikepacker’s collection of bags with this Swift Bag Me Gift Pack. The giftpack comes with three lightweight bags from Swift that are all made from modern fabrics and are easy to pack.

This gift pack will turn your favorite bikepacker into a gear-hauling bandito, making it a breeze for them to pack and carry their gear. Stoke the fire of your favorite bikepacker with this amazing gift pack!

Swift Moxie Top Tube Bag

The small-but-mighty Moxie Top Tube Bag is sure to be a permanent accessory on your trusty, two-wheeled steeds where it tucks nicely into the nooks and crannies of your bike. This secure bicycle top tube bag puts essentials like snacks, gloves or your phone at arm’s reach and just a zipper pull away.  A dream cockpit set-up combines the Moxie Top Tube Bag with Sidekick Stem Bag or the Gibby Stem Bag.

Swift Gibby Stem Bag

The super-sized Gibby Stem Bag is designed around a 32oz Nalgene bottle, giving it enough capacity to keep your snacks, hydration, and/or other essentials safe and sound, even on your longest, roughest bicycle adventures.

Swift Bandito Bicycle Bag

At home at your bicycle handlebars and under the bicycle saddle, our Bandito Bicycle Bag adds just over 3 liters of packing capacity to your ride. The bag’s handsome cylinder shape is a classic accessory with timeless utility.

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