A Front Rack to sling those panniers from.

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Tubus Tara

Full steam ahead with the Tara! The most popular Tubus front rack has been improved over recent years, and is well known as the indestructible burro. Racks are a great way to get extra storage capacity and spread out your gear when touring with a bike trailer. The Tara front rack works with forks that have eyelets on the dropouts. The adjustable upper swing arms can be bolted into forks that have threaded mid fork eyelets. For forks that don't have mid-fork eyelets use the Tubus Mid-Fork Eyelets for standard or over-sized forks. Mount a pair of rugged waterproof Ortlieb Panniers to the Tubus Tara. View the Tubus Tara mounting instructions(requires Adobe Acrobat 4.0+).

Tubus Duo

A low-profile rack without compromise.  To mount, you'll need lower mounting eyelets plus internal and external mid-fork eyelets.  Not every bicycle is setup

One great advantage of this rack is that it will not have any restrictions on your tire size as it doesn't loop over the tires like many other front racks.

Tubus Grand Expedition

Low or Highrider? Just take both! Tubus presents its first combo-carrier, which brings along the features of both systems: lateral stability thanks to a low center of gravity, and space for bulky items such as sleeping pad and sleeping bag on top. With the Grand Expedition Front Rack, you do not have to compromise on luggage transport

Salsa Down Under Front Rack

A low-rider front rack that keeps your center of gravity down where it should be. Can be used with wide wheels. Aluminum construction and powder coating mean light weight, no rust, or scratching.

Salsa Down Under HD Front Rack

The Down Under HD Rack is the recommended lowrider for world touring. Sturdy and dependable, the steel construction lends itself well to field repairs should a worst-case scenario occur.

Surly Front Rack

If versatility, durability and repairability are more important than weight, this is your front rack. Two levels for hanging panniers plus a platform. Carry up to 70 pounds. Fits 26" to 29" wheels.

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Whatever kind of bicycle you own, there is probably a Tubus, Salsa or Surly Rear rack to fit on your commuter, touring rig and everything in between. These racks add versatility to your bikepacking bag setup, allowing you to stash a change of clothes or any other form of gear in a set of pannier bags.

Here at Campfire, we focus on stocking Lowrider front racks such as those by Tubus, Surly and Salsa as they keep your pannier weight low to the ground, allowing heavily-laden bikes to feel stable at both low and high speeds. Choosing the rack that works best for you involves checking whether your bike has both a mid-mount on the fork and lower eyelets at the dropout so as to work with a front rack. If not, you’ll have to troubleshoot alternative mounting methods.