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Rene Herse 700 x 48 Oracle Ridge

The Oracle Ridge trail is a trail that brims with backstories and history as it is one of the earliest known routes to the top of the iconic Mt. Lemmon. A beautiful gravel climb connecting to the backside of Mount Lemmon before descending onto pavement, it passes through long-abandoned and freshly-laid mining roads and bulldozer paths.

Rene Herse 700 x 55 Fleecer Ridge

Fleecer Ridge is one of the toughest climbs on the incredible Tour Divide, traversing the Rocky Mountains from Canada to the Mexican border. Tackling a ride that long requires a tire that can handle varied conditions, from deep snow and mud, fast gravel and pavement. 

Rene Herse 700 X 55 Antelope Hill TC

Antelope Hill is the unofficial name of the last great climb of the iconic Oregon Outback, the 360-mile gravel race that traversed Oregon from the south to the north. The Antelope Hill is the ideal tire for this and similar bikepacking routes combining excellent speed on pavement with enough width to float on top of the gravel, rather than sink into loose aggregate.

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Teravail Honcho

Another popular biking trail in the Midwest, another Teravail tire name. The Honcho is a solid XC and trail tire that can manage the occasional heavy-duty mountain riding and then some. This is a tire that lives up to its name and we have a feeling it will leave you yelling “Estos neumáticos son increíbles!!” as you tear down rugged backcountries.

Teravail Ehline

The Teravail Ehline wants one thing only: That you ditch every other XC tires you own and have something long-term and exclusive with it. Teravail understood this is a huge ask as they set out designing the Ehline and it shows. This is a capable tire that is in its element when ridden on modern XC trails.

Teravail Coronado

Enter the Sandman: the biggest plus-sized tire in the Teravail lineup is the Coronado and how do we put this, it is the sort of tire that makes you wanna cross the road without holding your mum's hand. True to a 3.0″ size, the Coronado is a plus tire built with sandy trails in mind.

Teravail Cumberland

Just like another industry we all know about, inches matter a whole lot and in ours, the 2.6-inch  tire width has slowly gained popularity for trail riders. Teravail’s Cumberland is larger in volume than a traditional 29er tire but not quite a typical ‘fat-tire’ size. Labels aside, these girthy tires will leave you 2.6″-curious.

Panaracer GravelKing SK Plus Tire

All hail the king!! The GravelKing range of tires have struck a chord with consumers in a way few brands have, with a devout following of cyclists that swear by them. In particular, the Panaracer GravelKing SK(with small knobs, hence ‘SK’), is Panaracer’s golden goose and the reverence and loyalty that Panaracer enjoys from cyclists was built around this one model.

Panaracer GravelKing SK Tire

A high performance all-road tire that performs well through a wide range of inflation levels. The mix of small, closely spaced center knobs and longer, taller cornering tread blocks is appreciated in soft or loose surfaces.

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