Alexandera Houchin Shares Her Story, One Drop at a Time – June/July’22 Bikepacking News

One Drop at a Time by Alexandera Houchin published by FreeHubMag – June 14th

With the bikepacking season in full swing, there are a plethora of great stories and events to highlight. But what stood out most was this powerful written story and accompanying video by Alexandera Houchin.

Alexandera has been quietly building a substantial reputation on the ultra endurance racing scene over the past 5 or so years. I say quietly because she does not follow the typical path of running a social media account. Rather she deftly chooses her moments to share her story generally through her writing or being interviewed for podcasts.

But where she does surface to tell her story, her voice is strong, with a powerful perspective to share. Alexandera explores the interconnections between her identities as a ultra-endurance cyclist and as an Ojibwe woman.

The article written by Alexandera and the film by Brandon Watts both stand up on there own. This is not one to miss.

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