Intermountain Connectors – April/May’22 Bikepacking News

Bikepacking Roots & Adventure Cycling Partner Up on Launching the Intermountain Connectors Routes

We are very excited about the launch of the Intermountain Connector routes. Bikepacking Roots and Adventure Cycling have teamed up to design these connectors between their two epic bikepacking routes, the Western Wildlands Route and the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. These connector routes really extend and expand the possibility of options in these two epic passages through the Mountain West.

Here in Tucson, we are especially excited about the Chihuanhuan connector connecting Tucson over to Hachita. As a sponsor of Bikepacking Roots, we specified a portion of our sponsorship directed towards the development of this connector and it is wonderful to see it come to life.

The Chihauhuan connector starts down the street from our shop at the Tucson Amtrack station. From here, it cruises through the southern half of Tucson’s famous Loop bike path before jumping off on Tanque Verde Road which turns to dirt at Reddington Pass Road. The route meanders over to Tombstone, then over the Dragoon Mountains then the Chiricaqua Mountains before heading into Southwestern New Mexico for the final stretch to connect with the GDMBR.

Here are a few photos of the Chihuahuan connector provider by Kurt Refseneider of Bikepacking routes.

These connectors are so special because of all the variation in loop rides they make possible. We’re anxiously awaiting the first rider who takes the train into the Tucson Amtrack station and does a loop heading east on the Chihuanhuan connector, then north on the GDMBR, then back west across the Mogollon connector and finally south to Tucson on the Western Wildlands Route (or the opposite, clockwise version of this). For whoever completes this first and stops in the shop afterwards, lunch is on us!

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