A tale of N. America’s 3 hi-end trailer brands & Why we’re closing out Croozer at 40% off

Croozer Trailers – 40% Off!!!

I know it sounds to good to be true.  Let me explain…

This is not an ordinary sale.  We’re offering this amazing line of German designed trailers at what is effectively our wholesale/dealer pricing while supplies last.

I should explain how things evolved as I know the price probably sounds to good to be true.

But first the TLDR version

We’ve been selling high-end bike child trailers for over 10 years now, Thule Chariot, Burley and Croozer.  The market in the US slowed down in recent years.  Related to these shifts we became the US Distributor of Croozer last year.  It hasn’t gone well and we’re closing out Croozer at 40% off.

Croozer continues to thrive and compete with Burley and Thule Chariot in Europe.  Theses are high-quality trailers that I highly recommend. This is a unique opportunity to get a great value on a great product while supplies last. Read on for the full story…

3 N. American brands of high-end child trailers

To begin at the beginning here is a brief history of our experience selling high-end bike child trailers.  For over 10 years now, we’ve been selling Burley, Thule Chariot and Croozer.  Early on, Burley was the best known brand.  But Chariot, based in Canada, was coming on strong gaining market share of the high-end bike trailer market.  They were also the importer of Croozer Trailers of Germany.

About 6 years ago, Thule purchased Chariot.  When this happened, Croozer no longer had a distributor in North America.  After about a year they decided to setup their own distribution office.

With Chariot more widely distributed by Thule, their market share appeared to continue to grow in the Thule dealer network.  However, the spirit of Chariot as an independent, cutting edge company faded within the larger presence of Thule.  Meanwhile Croozer, who had seen success  selling into Chariot’s dealer network, did not do as well on their own.

Overall market factors were impacting things as the high-end bike child trailer market began declining around 2013.  Contributing factors included the overall decline of bicycle sales, the decline following the peak of the urban cycling movement and the transition of some cycling parents away from bike trailers towards cargo bikes.

While Thule Chariot and Burley seem to have survived these hiccups, Croozer lost almost all of their ground in the North American market.  Meanwhile Croozer has continued to thrive in the German and European market.  Croozer’s marketing has a very Euro feel and its clear that is where the focus is.

Back to how we fit into this picture

To deal with the declines, last year Croozer decided to shut down their North American office.  They offered us the opportunity to become their US distributor.  Not recognizing how much name Croozer’s brand had faded in North America, we thought it was a decent opportunity to give a try.

We brought in a large order of inventory and over the last 10 months, we’ve attempted to sell Croozer through all of our normal channels as well as to other bike shops.  After this trial period, we could no longer deny the fact that there was very little appreciation for Croozer Trailers in the US market.  We would either have to rebrand Croozer in North America or move on.  And with some other major changes afoot here at CampfireCycling.com, we couldn’t afford to invest in rebuilding the Croozer brand.

Therefore we’re clearing out Croozer.  The good news is that as the US Distributor of Croozer, we have extra margin to work with.  We’re able to offer them at the phenomenally low price of 40% off.

Please Note: we will be offering on-going warranty support as well as supplying spare Croozer parts and accessories until a new US distributor takes over.

Why buy a Croozer when all your friends are buying Burley or Thule Chariot?

I can’t tell you that buying a Croozer Trailer will necessarily impress your friends, they may have never heard of the brand.  What I can tell you is that the Croozer lineup competes against Burley and Thule Chariot high-end offerings in the European market.  And I do think they know a thing or two about bicycles on the other side of the pond.

Because of the brand perception gap in the US, we need to close our remaining inventory of Croozer Trailers out at 40% off.  What this means for you is you can purchase an amazing quality trailer at a remarkably low price.  There is the one downside that you don’t get to impress your friends with a well-known name brand.  But when you show them all of the features built into your trailer and tell them how little you paid, that might even impress them more.  And don’t forget to tell them that Croozer is a stylish brand in Europe.  Perhaps they’ll be impressed by Euro-cool.

So what is so great about Croozer Trailers?

My favorite feature of Croozer Trailers is a small one that demonstrates their attention to detail.  Their hitch arm lock offers an easy way to lock your trailer to your bike.

An aspect of Croozer trailers that my kids really appreciated is the added width in the shoulder area.  My 6 year old and 3 year old were able to fit comfortably inside.

Croozer Trailers stack up feature for feature with Burley and Thule Chariot’s high end offerings.  The Plus level trailers offer suspension.  One of the strong value points of all of the Croozer lineup is that the trailer, stroller and jogger kits are all included in the package.  The only kit that is sold separately is the skiing/hiking kit.

And don’t forget the Pet and Cargo Trailers

Croozer has some great option for cargo and pets as well.  And we’re closing these trailers out as well.


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